Monday, November 29, 2010

Molly makes a book

Last week in the foundation lecture we learned how to make books using this type of binding used and developed by early Christians in Egypt (I think). It was really interesting, because you would never think that you could make a book this way, but then it actually worked out in the end really well, and it made a strong binding. The separate little braids holding the covers together resembled the type of knot made with finger knitting, or crocheting. I thought it was a really interesting experience.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Artist Lecture Number Something?

Last week's artist lecture was given by a man named Doug Bucci (I think...if I got his name wrong it's not because I was asleep...). He is a 3D artist and sculptor whose work is presently based off of the concept of being a diabetic. He has done a lot of work relating to aspects of being a diabetic, and in addition he has made a lot of jewelry during his career.
I really liked his work, even though it wasn't my typical style. I thought it was really detailed and aesthetically pleasing, and it looked really delicate, as if it could be easily broken. It had a definite technical skill required to create it, and that's something I really value in an artist's work. I also was impressed by his meaning behind his work; diabetes. It made it a lot more personal and tangible for anyone who looked at it.
I also liked his signature on all his pieces. It was pretty cool.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Strange Video from class last week

There was a video we watched in class last week, which was done using a method of illustration. It makes videos using still shots which are placed in a sequence to make a moving picture. I thought it was really interesting looking, because it had the form and movement of a real person, with a surreal type of movement that you don't get with film. The colors were interesting too, and it showed all the different planes of a person or object.

Last Tuesday's Lecture

Maryanne Dages spoke with us last week during the lecture. She is a book artist and printmaker, who attended UArts as a photography major. Her studio is referred to as a Huldra Press Studio, and she is a strong believer that where you work affects what you make. Her focus in her speech was how to set up a studio after leaving school, and she gave 3 options: community studio, partners, and building a studio. In creating a studio, one has to bring in things that inspire them and use them to help in making pieces.

Monday, September 27, 2010

These silly lecture things I'm mandated to attend every Tuesday morning for a brisk nap.

So there are these silly lecture things I am mandated to attend every Tuesday this semester, which really provide for a great nap. Actually, only one of them so far has really put me to sleep, but that's because my coffee emptied before I got there. The lecture I saw 2 weeks ago was by a man named Peter Hanley, or something along those lines. I didn't particularly like his lecture, though his work seemed interesting. I just didn't really understand the concept of a digital studio, because it's not something that I work with or know how to use. He also wasn't a very captivating speaker, so it was difficult to follow him, despite the fact that his presentation had a lot of valid information.

Last week's lecture was much more my style. It was by a woman named Candy (or something like that...) and I can't remember her last name. She really was in to history and she utilized that in her installation work. I thought it was really cool because it was all really unified by a certain and distinct style, while being completely unique in each different work. She had been able to study in cities all over the world (for free!!!) and I thought that was really interesting, and that it would be something I could do, realistically.

On the whole, I enjoy the lecture series. However, Tuesday is the day when I remember that I forgot to water my pet cactus on the previous Friday... O:)

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